all in ONE system

Data you've never seen before now at your fingertips
1. One place to manage your work

It's integrated management software, and services, for all your business, in the Cloud.
…your people - Boards, Executives, mid-managers, functional managers, programme and project managers, staff, partners, stakeholders - can manage their work each day.

Work includes: Executing to Strategy; Aligning your Business; maintaining Governance and Oversight; Delivering Work of many types, including projects; Working Together in different ways; Using Data in real-time for decision-making and storytelling; Building Intelligence; Innovating relentlessly.

2. Execute to Strategy

Align work to strategy
…Boards and Executives can make the right governance decisions, and intervene, as required. Staff see their work in the bigger context of purpose and strategy.

3. Invest for Value

Supports Investment Lifecycles with an emphasis on Business Ownership and continual review
…Ideas – Business Cases - Projects – Benefits – Lessons learned – Continuous Improvement.

4. Deliver Measurable Benefits

Supports Benefit management
…within Investment Lifecycles and focusing on business Value, and across all types of benefits.

5. Seamless, evidence-based work management

Supports enterprise work management - programme, project, portfolio, financial, risk and issue, Activity and Business Services management, and much more
…to provide a seamless, coherent, evidence-based and performance-focused approach to work.

6. Social Networking

Supports social networking - people-in-conversation; people-in-collaboration; people-having-fun
…to provide a beautiful balance of stable, classic ways of working alongside agile, new ways.

7. Value-focused ROI

Legend is offered with unique Value-based Licensing, Pricing and Discovery mechanisms
…to deliver an extraordinary, wide-reaching and very rapid return-on-investment.

8. Opportunities for Innovation

The Legend approach immediately opens-up a wide range of new opportunities to innovate, including:

Implementing a Strategic Portfolio Framework as the next iteration of the EPMO - Virtualizing much of the conventional EPMO through technology - Eliminating the need to restructure your organization through virtualization of your business using the Legend technology - Reducing external contractor and consulting costs, and increasing your internal ownership and ROI, through the Legend Discovery approach - Exporting high-interest project information to public-facing websites for stakeholders - Simplifying and virtualizing enterprise-wide investment and assurance oversight through Whole-of-Business Planning.

Building in-house project capability, and sharing thinking, through Crowdsourcing - Significantly increasing project success rates through Lean management - Building a dynamic ‘Lessons learned Database' through Blogs and #tagging - Reducing project management costs, and increasing output through ‘lite-agile’ blended with ‘purpose-designed-linear’ practices - Building in-house Intelligence through #tagging - Connecting-up through story-telling - Changing the face of resource-heavy ‘corporate’ Reporting through ubiquitous Storyboards - Telling the true story of projects though team blogging - Dramatically simplifying senior management and Board reporting through Storyboards.

Strategic Toolkit
Delivery Toolkit