through Conversations, Blogs, #Tags

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Give everyone a voice and let them use it

Connecting-up through Conversations

Key Features of the Conversations & Connecting-up Approach

Conversations are the simplest way for your people to connect with each other.

  • Socialise the importance of conversations as a quick-fire, powerful way for your people to connect-up with each other, and expand their networks.
  • Conversations are the key to connecting-up. People can launch on-line conversations about anything, and with anyone. They can be attached to a specific item, or simply be free-flowing. Think of it as workflow for the agile organization.
  • Once you have a culture of connecting-up through conversations, then it's very easy to extend this thinking into Storytelling through Blogging, and Intelligence-sharing through #tagging.
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Sharing thinking through Blogs

Content and Context for the modern organization

Organizations and teams create content, and lots of it. Much of it sits in documents, business cases, formal reports, policies and document repositories. It's generally difficult to locate and even harder to apply to the decision-making process.

Blogging represents a new, much more dynamic way to create and share content, and thinking. It's widely used in non-work situations so applying it within the work environment is the next logical step.

Its key advantages are that it is easy to launch and create a blog which can then be opened up to anyone in the business by invitation, or taken organization-wide at the press of a button.

Imagine Executives blogging about a new strategic direction, or market opportunity. Imagine projects teams giving an honest view of where the project is at, and how the team is feeling.

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Sharing Intelligence and
Insights through #tagging

Imagine an Executive team setting up #Innovation and inviting anyone in the business to use that tag.

Imagine the buzz at their next management meeting when hundreds of innovations reveal themselves on the big screen, with not a paper report in sight.

Picture what this might tell them about their people and the way they're thinking about the future.

Imagine how this could inform changes in direction, strategy and product development.


Connecting-up - Quick Tips

  • organizations are looking to create ecosystems around networks of people operating in fluid and flexible ways. Current rules, regulations and process may get in the way of this way of working.
  • Conversations, launched from anywhere, connected to anyone, are a very easy way to build organizational-wide networks.
  • Then add #tags to turbocharge your information.
  • Every organization with enterprise programme and project management frameworks talks about needing a Lessons-Learned database. This seems entirely sensible. The problem is they never actually work. People don't use them to enter information, nor can they readily retrieve it. So IP is never collected or re-used.
  • #tags change the game. You can #tag a conversation anytime, anywhere, and by using approved organizational #tags, you are building IP in real-time, and in a way that it is searchable.
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