To see & manage & navigate
across your entire business

would be amazing for everyone

And… to do so in




You change the game

It's NEW


Enjoy a level of visibility and knowledge across your business not previously possible. Know the true State-of-Play.


Unlimited use of a highly usable Cloud solution with unique value-based licencing and pricing.


Break with management and organizational conventions. Shift the Status Quo.

Legend is business-ready

See - Manage - Govern - Deliver - Collaborate

  • Blueprint your Business
  • Build Strategic Portfolios
  • See your changing Landscape
  • Communicate through dynamic Storyboards
  • Deliver to Strategy
  • Empower your People

Unlimited Use.

Deploy within days.

Rapid ROI.



Bringing 22 years of innovation, development and improvement together to build a Legend

  • Board & Executive-level management
  • Data-driven, evidence-based decision-support
  • Investment Management including Ideation, Business Cases and Investment Profiling and Prioritization
  • Strategic (Investment) Logic Mapping
  • Investor Confidence Rating (ICR) management
  • Organizational Blueprinting

  • Enterprise, Cloud, SaaS software design, usability design, development and support
  • Gamification technologies, including AR and VR
  • Organizational Storytelling
  • Collaborative work-practices including Conversations, Blogging and #tagging
  • Learning Development Systems
  • Business and Work Collaboration including hybrid work models
  • Connected-up management within organizations and across clusters and sectors

  • Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Value and Benefits Management
  • Integrated, enterprise Risk Management

  • 'Megaproject' and Infrastructure Initiative Management
  • Central and Local Government Innovation and Centres of Excellence
  • Commercial Business Innovation and Centres of Excellence



Executing to Strategy

Whole of Business Management

People & Collaboration


Unlimited Use

Legend is an everyday working tool. The greatest value comes from widespread use across all parts of the solution. Our 'Unlimited-use' licencing approach accommodates this challenge. Single monthly fee includes licencing, hosting, support and upgrades.



Up to 100 people

Start light. Set your own pace and direction. Pay a single monthly fee for unlimited use within and across your business. Value will come from a whole of business approach from outset.



Up to 1000 people

Start anywhere in the Business and explore opportunities to work in new and different ways. Single monthly fee (unlimited use) starts light and grows over time as value is delivered.

Here’s what you’ll get in a

Single fully integrated Cloud solution


Strategic Portfolios

  • Support Boards and Executive-level managers with their own Strategic Portfolio workspace.
  • Present All-of-Business State-of-Play views in real-time.
  • Provides navigation (drill-down) to source information wherever it is in the organization.

Fully Integrated out-of-the-box

  • All Features and Functions seamlessly integrated out-of-the-box from Day 1.
    See Feature Map.
  • Save costs by reducing the need for additional standalone management and work tools.
  • One monthly licence fee covering usage, support, hosting and upgrades with no hidden costs.

Business Value

  • See where value is being generated and destroyed.
  • Prioritize all current initiatives to match investment, capability and timing.
  • Build a Benefits Framework to support key initiatives.

Governance & Oversight

  • Replace complicated, unusable, out-dated reporting with real-time Landscapes and Storyboards.
  • Maintain oversight of programme and portfolio costs, capability, scheduling and risk in real-time.
  • Use Conversations and Hashtagging at senior levels of the business to positively reinforce teams.

Group Management

  • Structure your organization into flexible Business Groups and Teams.
  • Empower Groups with their own Strategies.
  • Build Group Business Plans, all of which contribute to the top-level Portfolios and Work Programmes.

Dynamic Storyboards

  • Build consistency by using Storyboards everywhere throughout the business.
  • Simplify methodologies and process.
  • Replace historic paper reporting and reduce overheads with data, in real-time, to support decision-making.

Work Management & Innovation

  • Balance and support different types of work including Activities, Business-as-Usual, and Projects.
  • Full Programme and Project Management.
  • Crowdsource new initiatives to build networks of capability and IP.

Collaboration wherever you work

  • Build new initiatives starting with Ideas.
  • Network and collaborate through Conversations and Blogging.
  • Build and share IP and collect Learnings through full Hashtagging.

Workload Management

  • Work broken down and owned by people and teams using Storyboards.
  • Workloads, availability and skillsets all feed into an enterprise approach to management of people.
  • Visualization of future supply and demand.

Worry-free solution, easily deployed

  • No software to deploy. We manage hosting and maintenance.
  • Solution comes populated with standard flexible business structures and configuration.
  • So intuitive that many users can train themselves.

Top-level Cloud Security

  • Single sign on
  • Two-step verification
  • Role-based access controls
  • TLS protected connections.
  • Cloud service with 99.9% service uptime

Exceptional Customer & User Relationships and Support

  • Connect-up with our team anytime you need support or conversation
  • Join us on our journey of relentless innovation.
  • Let’s collaborate on solving the world’s wicked problems. Pay it forward.


Make your Business Legendary



Why wouldn't you want a happier, healthier, more productive, more purposeful, higher-value business.
Because when Legend is used for what it was designed and to its fullest extent, that's exactly what you'll get.