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A Seamless Solution

From integrated to exponential

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Our solution is unique in its high levels of business integration and usability across your people, work and organization. It's actually an exponential solution that supports productivity breakthroughs. Imagine all your people commenting on strategies through conversations, or crowdsourcing projects through #tagging.

This design satisfies all mainstream business methodologies 'out-of-the box', and reduces the number of separate tools required.

Rapid deployment and usage is possible from multiple starting points with all workstreams contributing to a connected-up approach to work. All of this is supported by a dynamic Discovery Approach where insights and innovation are constantly unearthed.

Fit-for-purpose Toolkits

Simplifying management toolkits is very good for your people

Toolkits scheme

Organizations have a habit of implementing many different tools that invariably clutter the business and seldom deliver what's promised. Systems are sometimes bought in for a short-term need and stay around even when they are difficult to keep functioning. Others, such as multiple social networking tools, are brought in on the promise of smooth integration that for some reason never happens, and, in fact, contribute to greater dislocation of your people. A number of toolsets focus on wiki-type capability coupled to document management, both of which seem immediately outdated.

Discrete 'point-solutions', such as corporate ERP, position themselves as the deep and detailed solution that provide all the bells-and-whistles. History shows implementation is difficult and functionality too expansive and these systems are often called 'million-dollar-timesheets.'

Exceptional Value

Unbeatable price / performance

Management teams exploring new, more dynamic ways of working, interwoven with their classic enduring methods, need value-focused systems and toolsets that support, and balance, both agile and stable approaches.

So... we offer Value-based pricing which has a single monthly fee covering users, Cloud-hosting, support and software upgrades.

Key to efficiency and effectiveness is providing great tools to all your people at whatever level, and in whatever role, so they can get things done, every day.

So... we offer Whole-of-Business Licensing for all your people under an 'unlimited use' arrangement covering all BAU, organizational change and innovation activities.

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Thinking converted to action

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We are business solution providers and practitioners steeped in experience and innovation.

We will openly and passionately share what we know, and what we think, with your people.

We do not have a dedicated sales team or a traditional sales pitch. When you contact us you'll talk to the senior managers and owners of the company, and, quite possibly, those, developing the software itself.

We will talk about how we use our own software and systems every day to manage our company, our work, our relationships, and the fun we have doing it.


Designed for our world

Our own business purpose goes beyond What we do (craft great business solutions) and Where we are heading (to the world) to Why we exist (help solve the biggest challenges facing people, organizations and society).

We need imaginative, concerted, well-managed efforts internationally to take on the challenges of inequity, poverty, environment, sustainability, and so much more.

Those, imagining a better world and those delivering to that vision, need to be on the same-page.

Sustainable Solutions

Designed for low-impact; low-disruption

Every modern business solution must be designed with sustainability in mind. Our solution is no exception. We approach sustainability in a number of different ways.

The UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interfaces) are designed to support people in ways that accommodate the natural cadence of their work, and workplace. This includes eliminating silos that invariably add unnecessary bureaucracy.

Adding Lightness to the business includes removing the need for hard-copy briefing documents and reports, and replaces excessive meetings with mechanisms to connect-up on-line.

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The Legend


Business-based - Extensible - Future-proofed

Foundation toolset, out-of-the-box, across core business functions

API Hub to other ancillary corporate systems

Works across and balances ‘competing’ business dimensions

Cloud-based with single-sign-on

Secure systems across different work locations

Subscription based licensing and costs matched to value delivered

The one platform that delivers the best of all worlds


Rapid Deployment


Relentlessly deliver Value

Deploy and use within weeks, if not days. The Platform that delivers a one-stop-shop solution from day 1.

Uptake, and ROI, directly linked to how well people use the solution.

Start light and grow naturally throughout the business.

Use it as a management hub for both Legend and other corporate systems and data.

Identify and deliver value early and continuously as your business transforms.


Connect up

your people, work and organization

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