Do the Basics of Business


Basics of Business scheme
Execute to Strategy
Invest wisely
Deliver relentlessly
Collaborate passionately
Build capacity

Intelligent use of Data from different sources

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Demonstrate end-to-end capability

Start vertically scheme

Imagine how quickly you can go from 1 project to 100, or 1000

This means taking information you have now stored in disparate, disconnected systems, and rapidly connecting-up the various elements.

This includes:

  • Aligning work to Strategy from Day 1.
  • Processes & Methods out-of-the-box with no further design required.
  • Early buy-in from Boards and Executives now able to see data, and understand process better.

Then to scale simply build on what you've already put into place

  • Add more Strategies and KPI's
  • Add more programmes
  • Add more projects
  • Plug the information gaps


Connected-up out-of-the-box

Start horisontally scheme
Insights are already flowing from early connections with many more to come

The more information collated and connected, the better informed management, and staff, will be.

It's easier to understand how the business is currently functioning, how people (teams, groups, individuals) fit into the business. The more you have to work with the better the overall context.

Planning into the future, and then scaling-up for delivery and growth becomes visible and completely logical.

The ability to scale also helps you cope with the growth in complexity and demand that happens when moving from planning (thought) to delivery (action).

It also means you're not trying to artificially simplify inherent complexity, but rather you're acknowledging it in a very logical context.

Easy to ENGAGE

Connect wider through your people

Connected thinking scheme

Your people truly are your greatest asset so take every opportunity to connect with them.

As a social business, it's easier to change behaviours, and mix and match agile with the tried-and-true.

Blending stability and agility at all levels of the business will position you for a 3-fold increase in performance.

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The lifeblood of the modern business

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The next generation of truly agile thinking. Connects thinking, themes, topics, Blogs, structured and unstructured data

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Dialogue added to data increases the effectiveness of decision-making 6-fold

Leverage the INTERSECT

Keep doing more of the same

multidimensional intersect gives insights and supports natural behaviour shifts (both data & people related)

Just-starting and then scaling-up in a systematic way provides you with a working environment that makes sense.

Systems that accommodate the needs of all your people will free up time and space to think about work and where it supports the business, and why you are valued for your contribution. This is part of a culture founded on trust.

The management intersect recognises the importance of balance, and the necessary tension, between different types of work and perspectives.