It's both organizational and personal

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See people, work, value, innovation and capability

Provide organizational-wide views of people and workloads, and personal views and management mechanisms for the individual.

Key Features of People and Planning

  • Socialise your organizational commitment to People-first. Encourage all people to build their own Personal Profiles in their Workspace / Personal Storyboard.
  • Assign people to work including Activities, Business Services, and Projects.
  • Where necessary, plan for future resourcing requirements e.g. against projects through use of roles.
  • Each person can manage their work in their Workspace / Personal Storyboard, and this synchronises with the originating initiatives.
  • Monitor overall workload allocations at personal, team and organizational levels.


system supports both organizational and personal requirements

All Future of Work conversations acknowledge that in a knowledge-based world people are truly your greatest asset, and will always be required to find insights and make decisions.

This is supported by a movement from efficiency only to co-creation, and a holistic focus on the life-work journey.

Future planning is critical to having the right people in place when you need them. That's an organizational requirement.

But equally, your people need to take ownership of their career, work programmes, and future. That's a personal requirement.


clearly see structures, teams, groups and individuals

Connecting-up your business means you can clearly see structures, teams, groups and individuals and understand how work, workloads, and responsibilities, are being allocated and managed.

‘Resource planning and management’ can be complex and difficult. Sometimes managers expect the systems will be sophisticated enough to push a button and level out conflict and overload issues. This is seldom the case.

There are real benefits from keeping resource planning simple, and visible, as teams try to solve conflicts and challenges.

Personalities & Performance

greater control and more personal

It's now recognized that diversity within teams is positive as it broadens thinking, encourages teams to think wider about potential solutions and outcomes and builds collegiality.

It's now possible to bring your people into work and career planning in more substantive ways than previously. The difference is that staff and managers take greater control over how, and when, they work, and what performance means for their future aspirations and career steps.

The key is that everyone can own their personal work information, and can demonstrate how well they are performing.

In this sense everyone can become more active in what was called ‘resource planning and management’, but is now all about engagement and mobilization of people in a more personal way.

People First - Quick Tips

  • Whenever there is talk about the ‘Future of Work’ the expression ‘People-first’ is prominent, and is taking the place of conventional ‘Resource Management’.
  • It's critical for Boards and Executives to understand the capability of their people, because this is the heart of their ability to deliver to strategy.
  • The ability to deliver is one of the major challenges facing organizations in a world of constant change and churn. Understanding who you have and what they can do is critical.
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